Human Interactive Interface Systems: HII-Systems

Brief description:
HII-System is a combination of smart digital kiosk and digital billboard. The system attracts people for its free accessible features and revenue generated from digital signage, advertisements, sponsorships etc.
The device can be installed at public-places, malls, parks, campuses, railway stations, bus stops,tourist places, hospitals etc.
Product Description:
  • The product comes with two 50 inch display mounted vertically to show advertisements & public announcements in the form of text, picture and video with added real time modification.
  • Interactive tablet is placed with calling and internet browsing facilities comes with preinstalled handful of informative and utility applications. Emergency phone numbers of nearest police station, hospitals etc are also available in the tablet.
  • Charging USB ports(8 nos) are given to power up mobile phones.
  • Free Wi-Fi is given to public with in specified range of operation.
  • 24/7 monitoring is accessible through CCTV camera for security of the system as well as public.
  • Inverter powered back-up provides hassle free operation in case of power loss. There is also scope of Solar Power in future models.
  • All the equipments comes within solid metal body(GI) structure with water resistance.

  • Benefits to public: Publics as well as tourists can benefited through features like free wifi, free calling, tablet usage, charging ports, useful informative data etc.
  • Benefits to advertisers: Our advertising method can be cost effective with targeted public as well as place. Using our platform small & medium scale industries, start-ups and individuals can promote their business cost effectively and efficiently. Large scale industries are also benefited through this.
  • Job creation: Handful numbers of jobs can be created through manufacturing, sales and marketing, operation & maintenance at both hardware and software sectors.
# Locations #

galaxia gardenspal heights, jaydev viharvisakhapatnam railway
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