Nexyite to install 10 digital kiosks at Visakhapatnam railway station: Allaboutoutdoor

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A Bhubaneswar-based startup formed by a group of eight engineering graduates has bagged a contract from the Indian Railways for installation and operation of 10 human interactive interface system kiosks on the platforms of city railway station.
Nothing calls for attention like a billboard. No matter where you are, a tastefully done ad on a billboard can be eye-catching. And, if it happens to be a digital billboard, it definitely can be all the more eye-catching and attractive to the consumer. Looking at this, Nexyite Infotech, an Bhubaneshwar based media owning firm has installed new age digital media at Visakhapatnam Railway station.
A first of its kind in Indian Railways, the HII system, which is a combination of a Digital Kiosk and Digital Billboard, has been set up on the first platform for the benefit of the passengers. Salient features of the kiosk include free mobile and video calling facility, 10-inch interactive touch screen facility, six fast charging ports for mobiles and laptops, complete with 24×7 CCTV surveillance cameras. Out of total 10 kiosks, two vertically kiosks are mounted and rest 8 will be installed in the coming few months. 
The kiosk also features an advertising space on a 50-inch LED screen designed to interact with passengers. The digital screen would also display information pertaining to weather, train schedule, local tourist attractions, City maps powered by Google and a provision for feedback.

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Co-founders of startup Nexyite Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd Chiranjeevi Nayak and Chittaranjan Behera said they had hit upon the idea to become entrepreneurs and solve the unemployment problem by providing jobs to some people. "By pooling up a few lakh rupees as working capital, we had installed a kiosk at a private firm at Patia in Bhubaneswar and bagged the contract from the Railways to pay revenue of ₹9 lakh in three years," they said.
The co-founders of the startup said the response to their project at city railway station would be a ‘game-changer' for them, adding that they were already getting encouraging response from their prospective clients.