"Out of the box"- The New Indian Express

"Out of the BOX"-article by The New Indian Express on HII-Systems by Soumika M Das (Link Here)

"Four youngsters in have designed a digital kiosk for public places that offers free calling, mobile phone charging, wi-fi and information sharing facilities to commuters."

The world is at your fingertip in the form of a smartphone. It can navigate you to any place on the earth. But, what if you are new to a City, alien to the local language, and your mobile phone battery dies while travelling? It can be a real challenge to reach the destination. Having faced similar situations, four techies in the City came forward to find a solution to the crisis. Well, they couldn’t have urged owners of establishments along the roads to provide free mobile charging outlet to the commuters or pedestrians. So, they rolled out a technology-based smart solution. 

The engineers have designed a public installation, using human interactive interface technology, to provide free charging outlets, Internet browsing and calling facilities to the pedestrians at public places or on the roads. The four—Dibya Siddhanta, Chittaranjan Behera, Chiranjivi Naik and Ganesh Chandra Muni— launched a start-up, Nexyite, at Lumbini Vihar area last December by pooling in their savings worth `2 lakhs. It took them at least six months to come up with the interactive digital kiosk, ‘Hii-System’.

To start with, they have made a single kiosk by spending more than `3.5 lakhs. The 10ft-long kiosk has in-built wi-fi, eight mobile charging points with USB ports, a 15inch wide digital signage and is fitted with CCTV cameras and a 10inch long android tablet. Interestingly, the machine can be operated from anywhere. “We will control it from our office. It can be switched on or off from the control room,” said Dibya. The machine can be run using both solar energy and electricity. “At the top of the kiosk, a solar panel can be fitted to it,” they added.
"The cameras will capture images of the users. Internet browsing will be restricted as it will be controlled by the admin. Plus, we will also have the calling records. Any misuse of the kiosk can be traced using the IP address "— Dibya Sidhanta, Engineer
The machine needs 400 watts of power for operation. There is also a 160 watts battery attached to it for back-up during power-cut. The techies have also integrated features to check the kiosk’s misuse. Emphasis has been laid on monitoring of the users. “The cameras will capture images of the users. Internet browsing will be restricted as it will be controlled by the admin. Plus, we will also have the calling records. Any misuse of the kiosk can be traced using the IP address,” they added. Moreover, for accessing the wi-fi facility, the user will have to verify his contact details using one-time passwords sent to their mobile phones and registered email ids.

As claimed by the youngsters, the structure is weather-resistant. The kiosk has been made up of galvanised iron and mild steel. “During cyclone Fani, it was one of the few structures which was not affected by the strong winds tearing through the City,” he added. At present, the kiosk had been installed at Garden Galexia, an open-air food hub near Infocity area.

So, what was the plan behind designing such a kiosk? “Establishments can use the digital signage for promoting their businesses. But, at the same time, the kiosk will solve several problems faced by the commuters during their daily travel. You can browse the internet for locating a place, play games, watch videos on the go, make emergency calls and use some applications. All these services will be provided to the pedestrians or commuters free of cost.

Moreover, the Government bodies can flash messages for public information,” they added. Apparently, during Fani, people thronged Garden Galexia to get their mobile phones charged. Last month, around 600 free calls were availed by the users at the kiosk.

While Dibya, Chittaranjan and Chiranjivi had completed engineering in 2016 from College of Engineering Bhubaneswar, Ganesh pursued the same from PMEC, Berhampur. Dibya had quit his job as a production engineer to pursue his dream.

At present, these youngsters are in talks with the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation officials to install these kiosks at 10 locations across the City. “Nothing has been finalised so far. But, BMC had sent two officials to check the kiosk earlier,” Dibya added.

"This article was quite encouraging for such a start-up. We are deeply grateful to Soumika maam for her kind gestures towards us."-Team Nexyite